About The Company

It all started with a passion for light. EVORINO lighting was born in 2016 with its experience and knowledge. We are working to develop luminaires of high quality and standards that direct the light with their style and aesthetics. With its structure that produces solutions for projects, we direct the products with lighting designers, architects and planners. We produce exciting products with a structure that pushes the limits of technique and design, and we bring these products together with the whole world.

We are constantly expanding our current product portfolio that can be adapted to the needs of our customers. Our knowledge, understanding of quality, experienced staff, equipment and machinery have brought us success. We have continued and continue to work with the source of satisfaction by serving each of our customers in their next projects.

Over the years Evorino has built its growth based on in-house design, R&D, quality control, testing and production. From design to engineering and prototyping, production, packaging and stocking, everything is handled at the Evorino headquarters in Turkey.


Our people research and anticipate trends and develop concepts at the cutting edge of lighting technology. We work with international lighting designers, architects and planners who are constantly trying to explore boundaries and enable challenging designs. Courage and openness are the values of our Design Lab that generate groundbreaking innovations.

Technology & LED

We have been experiencing LED technology since its debut. It's probably the biggest advancement in lighting technology in decades. EVORINO plays a good role in applying this technology, designing and manufacturing its own LED boards, developing innovative LED products and custom solutions, enabling designers and users to make the most of previously unimagined possibilities in lighting.

The true measure of cost goes beyond just the initial purchase cost, but also includes intelligent lighting control, lifetime, maintainability and operating costs. Combining extensive product knowledge with a wide range of energy efficient product solutions and industry-specific experience, EVORINO guides you through an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and sustainable selection process without sacrificing light quality.


Due to the enormous energy reduction, minimal heat output, low maintenance and long lifetime, LEDs are proven to provide the best return on investment. EVORINO's luminaires were developed to set standards in watts consumed per square metre, and the company's extensive manufacturing capabilities allow focus on a high price/quality ratio. EVORINO's expert team is ready to assist you in calculating ROI for your projects.

Customized Solutions

Even the most comprehensive product portfolio cannot always meet the specific requirements of a design. That's why we work with you to develop bespoke lighting solutions that are precisely tailored to the architectural and aesthetic needs of your project. Depending on the size of the project, we implement both small adaptations to existing EVORINO products and designs for completely new innovations.


We are confident that the highest quality and flexibility can only be achieved with in-house expertise throughout the value chain. We produce completely in-house. From electronics manufacturing, turning, milling, laser engraving and die casting to final painting and finishing, every step is carried out in our modern production facilities. This gives us maximum quality control, even for one-off and bespoke products, and allows us to react agile to customer requirements. And we pay attention to our environment.

We are stronger with mold technology. Every day a new one is added to our molds, this allows us to design and produce extraordinary products.

Products take shape in our Injection Printing facility. Injection allows us to obtain fast and high quality finishes. This provides us with standardization and the ability to produce fast products.

The final touch of paint production, the texture of the paint is very important to us. Finishes make the texture of the products more enjoyable, we offer our customers countless combination product options by applying thousands of color alternatives to our standard products with unlimited color alternatives in our paint facility.

Quality & Warranty

We manufacture our products with care, All employees receive extensive training to guarantee the best standards of workmanship.

Throughout the entire production process, EVORINO differentiates itself by addressing the strictest quality parameters to ensure that products and services are designed and manufactured to exceed customer requirements. Every step in the manufacturing process has a routine quality procedure that covers both product quality and testing. That's why every product leaving EVORINO is thoroughly examined and tested, ensuring minimum returns and maximum efficiency.

We trust our products. Guaranteed EVORINO luminaires are manufactured to meet the highest standards. Today, tomorrow and five years from now. You can also benefit from our 5-year warranty, as we are sure of the quality of the materials we use, thanks to the production processes, sustainable technologies developed with the latest technology.